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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Alex Florschutz

Alexandra Florschutz Alex Florschutz, MA

"Affirming the root of Feminine power within myself and inspiring others, permeates everything I do and all that I represent"

Alex is a practicing Artist, Author and Curator and has an MA in Art Psychotherapy, exhibiting extensively in the UK and abroad, curating many personal and community exhibitions. She is renowned for her beautiful evocative paintings, her use of tactile media, film, photography, her infamous Pink Tent Installation and is a published author. Alex’s life and work explores the meaning of the Feminine and aims to challenge and create a new dialogue in this area. In 2016 Alex co-curated and participated in an art and science exhibition in Parliament responding to the 1001 Critical Days Cross Party Manifesto and is now continuing this work under the new name Zero2 Expo.

Alex is on a journey to rediscover the Source of a woman’s power, the feminine spirit, which thrived in the more female oriented cultures, only to be superseded by the patriarchal way of life. She wonders how women can retain the true nature of their gender while navigating our masculine driven world. Her desire for women to become integrated in self knowledge, acceptance and love is paramount. She believes this integration can happen when women live in choice, respecting their body and mind and pleasurably celebrate their life.


Alex expresses themes such as feminine sexuality, cycles, birth as a rite of passage, and our intuitive, creative expression which are reflected symbolically in different ways. She is particularly known for her Divine Sourceâ„¢ / Yoni Magicâ„¢ paintings which capture the symbolic essence, the energy, the sensual juiciness of the vulva; they are evocative rather than literal. Each painting is an individual representation of an energetic process to celebrate and empower the Feminine.

The female reproductive system and genitalia are the most impressive parts of being a woman and yet they have been the most shamed, abused and violated. Women have become sexualised objects, where external features define a woman as good enough for the male gaze and any natural bodily functions are suppressed or extensively sanitised. The vulva/vagina, in particular, is still seen as shameful, dirty or looks wrong and the expectation is that only a man can ignite its pleasure.

Alex is here to bust that myth. She believes that as women cultivate a positive relationship with their Divine Source, they discover the power of their Yoni as their intuitive compass to navigate life. She wants to raise awareness and show how unique, beautiful and sacred the divine source is and release the man-made guilt and shame that has been attached to a woman's most precious anatomical gem for centuries. She thinks the divine source is the symbol of the feminine spirit and where a woman holds her natural power. The anatomical genitalia are only the external expression of a complex internal system of pleasure, reproduction and for the creation of new life - the Yoni. This system embraces the three lower Chakras; the root, the sacral and the solar plexus and their primary function is sexuality, reproduction and energy respectively. This is the centre of a woman's powerful creative force which ultimately generates her life energy.

Her paintings, whether abstract or representational, follow an intuitive process beginning with a particular evocative colour mood and out of this colour infusion the nascent image or symbols evolve. They often combine a variety of tactile media which is not only a pleasurable experience but allows the viewer to enter into a world of deep colour, sparkles and magic.

Alex says: "Painting is a meditation. Once I get into the ‘zone’ and the energy flows, I allow the process to take me on an intuitive journey resulting in spontaneous and deliberate acts of creation. My art is usually described as vibrant, colourful, luminous, evocative, sensual, passionate, meaningful, symbolic, emotive and darn right juicy! I live to inspire, empower and celebrate the Feminine".

What people are saying about her paintings:

When I look at your paintings, it makes me feel more in touch and in love with my femininity. They evoke desire, pleasure, depth, purity and joy.

The vagina is something that is hidden, not allowed to be expressed, not allowed to be bold... I see your paintings as bold statements, allowing women to be seen in their truest most powerful, juicy, fabulous form... there is no editing.

Your paintings are powerful. They make one feel empowered because you are allowed to be seen in a positive, life-enhancing way.

I think you are very courageous to paint vulvas and bring them to the art world. I do admire you for it and I do also support you on this journey. It has opened up this subject in a very beautiful way and I feel that it is necessary to do so as a deed in the world. My feelings about it are of: joy, amazement, Pleasure, relief, wonder, and a sense of mystery afoot.

Alex says: "All vulvas are amazing as they are unique and a part of you. It is where your passionate spirit lies... it does not happen in your head. If you are in touch with your pussy and have a positive relationship to it... well, the world is yours"!

She has been inspired by Kahlo, OKeeffe, Chicago, Estes, Regena Thomashauer (a.k.a. Mama Gena) and other powerful female change makers.

Zero2 Expo

Since 2016 Alex has been working on the Birthing a Better Future Art and Science Exhibition by her charity Zero2 Expo. This is a thought-provoking exhibition designed to raise awareness about the first 1001 days - from conception to age two - of a child’s life which are critical in terms of laying the foundations for their mental, physical and emotional health and well-being. This exhibition brings together a wide range of positive and diverse opinions to raise awareness on pregnancy, birth and parenting. This touring exhibition has already exhibited in the Houses of Parliament (2016), the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford (2017/18) and the Brighton Fringe Festival (2019) and the Fitzrovia Chapel, London (2019).

Artwork Appearances

Exhibited extensively in the UK, abroad and in the Houses of Parliament
Printed on many products, fashion and power statement cards
Featured on the front cover (and inside) of The Art of Birth book
Features in the book Musings on Mothering by Teika Bellamy, plus poetry
Illustrates different blogs and articles all over the internet
Accompanies articles in Juno magazine
Represented in We’Moon Diary and Earth Pathways Diary
Featured on other book covers and a cd cover
Decorates the walls of a leading hospital specialising in Neurorehabilitation
Exhibited on a pilot programme for HBO USA starring Ewan McGregor
The Art of Birth book was reviewed in Juno magazine
Many published articles including The Mother magazine and Juno magazine
Film won 3rd prize in the Nottingham film festival, appeared on TV and showcased in the Portobello Film Festival
Co chairman of Ashdown Arts (local art group), curating exhibitions for several years
Member of the organising committee for our local Music, Art and Culture Festival
Curated a large community exhibition for the festival in 2014
Co-curated and participated in the Tomorrow’s Child exhibition in the Houses of Parliament